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Below are just a sample of our services:


Electrical inspection reports (EICR)

Landlords certificates

A detailed survey of the electrical system of a property to ascertain any faults.

Fire alarm and detection certification


Replacement consumer units

All new AMD3 metal units for domestic premises

We can replace existing consumer units in order to provide modern levels of protection against electric shock and to meet current legislation.


Heating systems and controls

Gas/electric control systems

Full systems installed including combi boilers, s-plan, y-plan, solar, ground source/air source heat pumps etc.

Also we can install any internet controlled system including Hive, Google nest etc.


Fault finding

Nuisance tripping or loss of power

Faults traced and identified including faulty outlets, total loss of power caused by water ingress or mechanical damage etc


Appliance inspection and repair

Ovens, pumps, storage heaters etc

We can diagnose and repair most of the above items, please email or call for details.

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